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Nasolacrimal drainage tube BICANALICULAR

Non-active implantable medical device
ModelType of introducing wireLength of introducing wire
C3CSoft8 cm


The length of the silicone bicanalicular tube is of 30 cm. Its outer diameter is 0.7 mm. Each of the tube ends is provided with a soft stainless steel wire. The ends of the wires designed for probing are rounded. They serve as metallic introducers into the obstructed lachrymal pathways.


  • The indication should be considered by ophthalmologist in close cooperation with otorhinolaryngologist. Implantation of the cannula is used for treatment of lachrymal pathways obstruction at various anatomical levels (atresia and stenosis of lachrymal points, stenosis or atresia of nasolacrimal ducts treated by fibroscopic endonasal procedures or dacryocystorhinostomy – DCRS).


  • Allergy to silicone.

Дополнительная информация

  • Complications related to implantation: Injury of tissue in the probed area, bleeding from nasal mucosa.
  • Early complications: Infection requiering the systemic antibiotic administeration.
  • Late complications: Re-stenosis after drain removal.