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We are offering a spare capacity of the CNC lathe PINACHO S 94 C/165 with or without the operator,
Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 22 pm, at the business premises in Hradec Králové.


Lathe PINACHO S 94 C/165 features FAGOR 8055 control system. It is a machine that is an intermediate between conventional machine and CNC automatic machine. CNC lathe allows the one piece production as well as small batch production, which can significantly eliminate the production time. It is simple to use. The operator is guided through understandable questions and answers, so he can perform any necessary operations without a previous programming knowledge.


Centre height 180 mm
Centre distance 750 mm
Swing over bed 360 mm
Swing over carriage 335 mm
Swing over cross slide 198 mm
Diameter of spindle nose 42 mm
Main spindle Morse taper MK 4
Speed0 – 2500 rev / min
Tail stock barrel travel 200 mm
Tail stock morse taper MK 3
The main engine5,5 kW
Option collet clamping in the range of 3-42 mm
8 tool automatic headTools 20 x 20 mm
Tool disc VDI 20


Ing. Vladimír Čížek
E-mail: vladimir.cizek@ellacs.eu
Phone: (+420) 495 279 139
Mobil: (+420) 608 779 442

The terms of cooperation will be negotiated individually.

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