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Injection moulding machine BOY 22A

We are offering a spare capacity of the injection moulding machine BOY 22A with or without the operator,
Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 22 pm, at the business premises in Hradec Králové.


Injection moulding machine BOY 22A is designed for fully automatic processing of commercially available unfilled thermoplastics.
Possibility of designing and manufacturing the molds.


Clamping force220 kN
Distance between tie bars200 mm
Max. daylight between platen400 mm
Min. daylight between platen200 mm
Total max. weight250 kg
Max. shot volumes9,64 g (PS)
Machine equiped with open nozzle.


Jiří Podlipný
E-mail: jiri.podlipny@ellacs.eu
Phone: (+420) 495 279 148
Mobil: (+420) 734 621 879

Ing. Vladimír Čížek
E-mail: vladimir.cizek@ellacs.eu
Phone: (+420)  495 279 139
Mobil: (+420)  608 779 442

The terms of cooperation will be negotiated individually.

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